Meeting customers needs

Meeting Customers’ Needs

I just wanted to say another huge thank you to all my amazing customers for your continued support through what’s been a really strange year and a half for us all.

I knew launching a company was never going to beeasy and that it would require a lot of time, effort and determination but I did it and here we are nine months on with a brilliant client and customer.

The number of times I’ve heard ‘this is such good value’ or ‘these are stunning and such good quality and fit, how are they so reasonable?’, which proves that I have succeeded in what I set out to achieve, products that are great quality but also affordable.

I’ve had a really busy few months with lots of designing, testing and launching some new ideas and products. Firstly the polo dog collars and leads which proved really successful and led me to launch a narrower version too, after listening to customer feedback.

Having always struggled to find a double bridle that fits really well, I launched the individual nosebands that can mix and match with any double bridle you might already have or to make a change to a snaffle bridle by adding a crocodile, patent or white padded noseband.

This then lead to the development and launch of my first ever cavesson bridle, the Market Rasen, which flew out of the door in black with its super soft and stylish padded noseband. Once again following customer feedback, this was quickly launched in brown.

The very popular neck straps came back in to stock and within 72 hours sold out, so an emergency order was placed and I’m pleased to say I now hope I can keep these in stock all the time now.

I have also launched the Rose Gold rolled leather neck strap which has been really popular as this matches nicely with the Rose Gold buckles on the bridles and the Rose Gold piping on several of the nosebands and headpieces.

Following this I then started to look at drop nosebands and separate headpieces too and so the range includes four different headpieces and a couple of different drop noseband styles.

Very excitingly, Cathedral Equine won the Horse & Rider ‘Best Value’ award for our gorgeous, slightly stretchy full padded leather reins. As a relatively new company I was proud to be given this recognition.

It was also wonderful to see the Tealby Belt feature in Horse & Hound, I feel like the next few months are going to be quite exciting. Now we are slowly getting out of lockdown I am hoping I can attend a few shows and introduce the Cathedral Equine range to lots of potential new clients.