Expanding the Cathedral Equine Range


I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all my customers for your constant support and purchases.

It’s been a busy time developing new products and making alterations to current ones to stay ahead of the game. I’ve launched a new range of dog collars and leads along with a new range of ‘bling’ belts which I hope will be popular with riders to wear with their competition breeches and also as a stylish edition to any everyday wardrobe.

Our most popular item has to be the Cathedral Equine rolled leather neck strap - at the moment I can’t keep this item in stock! As soon as they become available they fly out the door but hopefully I am now just about on top of it with lots in stock.

Much like myself, many horses haven’t been out for a while and they are all a little fresh and it’s a nicer alternative to an old stirrup leather.

I have got lots of new stock coming in every week so I am certainly not standing still. I have had lots of requests for the bridles to be available in brown so we now have a few in stock and lots more brown accessories on the way.

I love seeing all the pictures and reading the many emails and messages I get from customers that are so pleased with their purchase. The fantastic support makes all the long hours so worthwhile.

It’s been a busy month for me competing too, including the international at Wellington earlier in the month, I was really pleased with two 69% plus tests and two top seven placings. The next few months are really exciting for me as Felix (Jazzed up) steps up to medium tour level and we will be entering our first Grand Prix soon.

If there’s anything you would really like to see added to the Cathedral Equine range I am always open to new ideas and thoughts. The next thing coming will be an attachment for the neck strap so it can be attached to the saddle making it British Eventing legal.