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CATHEDRAL is live.........


I cannot believe it is finally happening, we are launching, Cathedral Ltd!!! This has been in the designing, development, testing, redesigning, re testing stage for the last two years……… well as competing, training, looking after two little ones this has been where I have been hiding. It feels strange to finally say we are live and you can now buy.

Cathedral came about from buying lots of different makes of bridles and just never quite being happy with the quality, the price (most often), the fit or the design. One day I just decided enough is enough let’s look into doing this for myself, designing some different bridles having them made in three different budgets of leather and the rest is history as they say.

Cathedral name is an anagram of my father’s old company, and for me it is down to him that I have the drive, get up and go to do everything I do. He maybe my worst critic but he is also my biggest supporter and go to with everything I do (along with my Mum). I wanted to design product and build a brand that is based on quality, being strong and being from Lincolnshire for me, Cathedral also fitted in with all these key things.

This is just the start, I am already in redesign stage and new product ranges for the coming months and we will not be standing still, always open to suggestions and criticism that how we move forward and I hope this brand will be one that is recognised as being one that considers all Equestrian needs, budgets and a name you can rely on for customer service and loyalty.